AW promotion: NEW! Simplyhealth Active Plan launched to help runners reach their peak performance. From sports massage to gait analysis, Active Plan has you covered

Whether you’re a complete beginner training for your first race or a seasoned pro with many marathons under your belt, Simplyhealth’s new Active Plan can help you stay in the best health.

The Active Plan gives you the support you need to prepare your body for reaching new PBs and could even help you recover from an injury. Cover starts immediately, GP referral isn’t necessary, claims are paid within days and the benefits included are covered wherever you are in the world.

Find out more about the different levels of cover that are right for you here.

Just some of the benefits available to you include:

Sports massage
» Tension and toxins like lactic acid in your muscles can often cause pain. You can get a sports massage from a physiotherapist or chiropractor to encourage blood and lymph flow throughout the body. This will prevent an injury from muscle fatigue as well as increase your strength and flexibility. Find out more.

Gait analysis
» Lower limb and foot problems are often caused by running in the wrong trainers. A podiatrist can provide gait analysis to assess your running style and provide tailor-made orthotics, helping you stay injury-free and keep you running to the best of your ability. Find out more.

Health assessment
» Does your body need an MOT? Stay in peak condition for your run with a health assessment from a medical professional. A range of tests and examinations will give you an overview of your current health and detect any underlying problems that may affect you on race day. Find out more.

Keep your body and bank balance happy with an Active Plan from just £14 a month. You can claim towards the costs of these treatments and much more!

Choose the cover that’s right for you, wherever you are on your journey. The Simplyhealth Active Plan is here to meet your needs.

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