New premium multi-sport watch offers advanced metrics and coaching features, including wrist-based running power

Wearable sports and fitness tech company Polar has launched the Polar Vantage V, described as its most advanced multisport watch, developed for athletes and coaches who demand the highest level of sport performance.

A whole host of cutting-edge sport technologies have been integrated into this new sleek wearable, which offers advanced metrics and coaching features such as Training Load Pro, Recovery Pro and wrist-based running power – it’s the world’s first watch to offer this.

Given the amount of data which can be recorded by the device, Running With Us coach Tom Craggs has described it as “potentially a game-changer” for coaches.

As well as Polar Precision Prime, which has been designed to offer a new level of heart rate accuracy and reliability, the Polar Vantage V can also measure power, without the need for external sensors.

Polar running power is based on speed, how fast that speed is changing and altitude gradient (based on barometer), displaying the information as a number representing the power that the user’s muscles are supplying during running – in real time.

Created to complement heart rate, it helps to measure external work rate, for example how much leg muscle work is required and thus strained.

These metrics can help athletes and coaches to understand their body and the impact of their training, through Polar’s training load and recovery tracking solutions – Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro.

“For the first time in any consumer fitness product, Polar is bringing together muscular load, perceived load and cardiovascular load into one, holistic view of training load,” says Polar.

“The new features monitor training load from each session, measure balance between strain and tolerance in the long-term, and help athletes recognise personal limits by informing them when they’re overtraining, undertraining or are right on track.

“For added measure, Recovery Pro provides a holistic understanding of the balance between training and recovery by measuring daily and long-term recovery. Together, Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro offer personalised training guidance and are exceptional tools to ensure athletes are improving personal performance while avoiding injury.”

The Polar Vantage V – which is the successor to Polar’s V800 – also uses the online Polar Flow for Coach, which allows coaches to view their athletes’ training data, compare actual training sessions to original plans and make adjustments.

The waterproof, GPS-enabled watch features an always-on colour touch screen display and has more than 130 sport profiles. It weighs 66g and has a battery life which allows up to 40 hours of continuous training.

The Polar Vantage V can be pre-ordered at for £439.

As part of its #BloodSweatAndData launch, Polar also announced the Polar Vantage M, an all-in-one multisport watch that offers advanced performance metrics and Smart Coaching features at a lower price of £249.