Promotion: Nutrition products designed to boost performance of athletes taking a low carb high fat approach

Nutrition and fueling is recognised as one of the key factors in reaching your full sporting potential and Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) is seen by many as the optimal nutritional approach for endurance athletes across a variety of sports.

With the launch of SFuels in the UK, LCHF fueling is now easily available for European athletes.

The vast majority of endurance sports drinks are carbohydrate and sugar-based, but there has been a palpable movement away from sugar and carb-based fueling and nutrition in favour of:

1. Products which enhance metabolic flexibility through improved fat oxidation (internal fuel consumption) efficiency and simultaneous fat-carbohydrate oxidation.

2. Products which reduce the amount of simple sugars during racing to mitigate high incidence of race-stopping gut distress.

3. Products enabling ‘cleaner metabolic’ oxidation of fuels to reduce systemic inflammation, thereby enhancing recovery speeds.

“Athletes are looking for education and quality products that support them in establishing a baseline efficiency of fat oxidation and easy-to-use low carb high fat products for training and racing. The product roadmap we’re building with SFuels is very exciting” – Dave Scott, six-time Ironman world champion and coach

This movement has been further amplified by broader awareness and adoption of low-carb and ketogenic lifestyles in the general community.

SFuels translates these trends into a broader ethos they refer to as ‘Go Longer’ – where the objective is to enhance training and racing performance, plus fuel the longevity of an endurance lifestyle and wellbeing.


LIFE products simplify the adoption of a low carb higher fat lifestyle in everyday life, helping to maintain fat oxidation and minimising sugar-triggered inflammatory loads outside of training.

SFuels strongly advocates that optimal performance in training and competition is realised by first enabling everyday metabolic efficiency of fat oxidation. To support this, SFuels LIFE comes in ‘grab and go’ usages, as well as an ‘ingredient-supplement’ (MCT-Collagen/ Sodium) to transform staple go-to meals to LCHF formats.

TRAIN products have been designed as a carbohydrate-free, fatty acid-based fuel, with higher dose sodium-potassium and glutamine for muscle and gut membrane support. This product range is targeted for sub two-hour training sessions, or low intensity training sessions beyond two hours.

RACE is designed for high intensity endurance training and racing, for the low carb high-fat trained athlete.

Enabling simultaneous fat and glycogen oxidation provides smooth fueling to the muscles, gut and brain, mitigating race bonks and sugar-triggered gut distress.

SFuels RACE+ avoids the use of simple carbohydrates like fructose, glucose, sucrose and sugar alcohols, while providing stable energy and electrolytes to the body.

» Low Carb High Fat training requires a transition period of around two to four weeks to allow your body to adjust. Make sure you allow sufficient time before using SFuels products in racing.

SFuels powders are available at
See the Neuff blog for more details about SFuels and its usage

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