Featuring every UK affiliated athletics club, the benefits of joining, the reasons elite athletes love their club and more

Jo Pavey perhaps puts it best. “It enriches your life,” says the five-time Olympian when asked about being involved with a club throughout her long and varied athletics career.

It’s an old truism that you get out of this sport what you put in – and there are so many rewarding aspects to putting yourself right at the heart of athletics.

The gateway to opportunity, inspiration and improvement lies, of course, through the club system, which is still what makes the athletics world go round in the UK.

If you’re not involved with a club yet, or are perhaps assessing your options, this Club Directory contains listings of every single one affiliated in the UK at the time of going to press. We’ve included contact details too so what are you waiting for? Perhaps it’s time to join the club and see where it takes you.

Inside the directory you’ll find:

» Listings featuring every affiliated athletics club in the UK
» 5 reasons to join a club
» Insight from the elites who love their club