This year’s top-ranked UK female 3000m steeplechaser takes you through her top six drills

Lennie Waite is the British 3000m steeplechase champion and set her 9:40.39 this summer. Here she shares her top six drills.


LW steeplechase drill 1

1 Place a hurdle against a solid wall. Start by taking a step back from the hurdle.
2 Step towards the hurdle. Drive the knee up, toes up. Aim to contact the wall above the hurdle in the knee-bent position.
3 Push off of the wall and return to starting position. Repeat this 10 times with the same leg and then switch legs.


LW steeplechase drill 2

1 Place a hurdle close to a wall. You need room to bring your trail leg towards the wall without hitting the wall.
2 Place the outside leg just ahead of the hurdle and lean into the wall using your hands for balance.
3 Bring the trail leg over the barrier and repeat 10 times. Then switch legs.


LW steeplechase drill 3

1 Place the barrier over the long jump pit. Give yourself enough of the runway to get up to race speed.
2 Place your leg on the barrier and push off. Extend lead leg and land with single foot.
3 Continue forward momentum when landing and run out of the pit.


LW steeplechase drill 4

1 Face sideways and lead with your leg closest to the hurdle. Drive your knee up and keep your toes up.
2 Keep the knee bent close to your chest as you go over the hurdle.
3 Follow with the other leg. Repeat twice on each side. You can do this drill walking or skipping.


LW steeplechase drill 5

1 Place 6-10 hurdles in a straight line, pushed together.
2 Walk over the hurdles, focusing on keeping hips square to the hurdles and your toes up.
3 Focus on balance and coordination when completing walkovers.


LW steeplechase drill 6

1 Place four hurdles 15-20m apart. Use two lanes on the straight, one set of hurdles facing one direction and the other the opposite direction.
2 Stride over the hurdles in one direction, focusing on form and practising taking the hurdle with right and left legs.
3 Rest briefly; do in the opposite direction. Repeat eight times.