If you are looking to improve your running in 2017, introducing strength and mobility exercises could really pay off. James Dunne outlines why

With the New Year comes the chance to get into new habits – and few habits could be better for runners than incorporating some strength and mobility exercises into their fitness routines.

As we explore in the January edition of Running Monthly, out now in the January 5 issue of AW, doing that little bit of extra work can really be worthwhile.

We spoke to running technique specialist James Dunne, the man behind Kinetic Revolution’s free 30-day challenge, about why targeting an area often neglected by runners can be so beneficial.

“If there are any idiosyncrasies within your own personal running form, that can result in you getting tight in certain areas or weak in others,” he says. “That, in turn, overloads other areas then all of a sudden we get to the point where we really reinforce these imbalances and flaws.

“A nice way to mitigate that is to look at breaking up the movement patterns and start to think how to build your body into that of an all-round athlete.”

He adds: “Hips and ankles are really, really important. Think about hip stability, hip mobility and strength around that region and combine that with a certain amount of spring or stiffness around the ankles. Hip mobility is what I generally get runners to focus on first.

“Make sure you make time for regular mobility work, stability work … the 30-day challenge on our Kinetic Revolution website is a really good example of this.”

Below you’ll find two videos – one featuring a bodyweight workout and another on dealing with a strength imbalance – as well as an introduction to Kinetic Revolution’s free 30-day challenge.

» The full interview with James Dunne can be found in the January edition of Running Monthly, which is free with Athletics Weekly and out now

» James Dunne is a sports rehab therapist and running coach. He is the brains behind Kinetic Revolution’s Online Running Technique course. To learn more about complementary exercises and take part in Kinetic Revolution’s free 30-day challenge, visit www.kinetic-revolution.com