List confirms that the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% can be worn on the road but not on the track

World Athletics has published a list of approved competition shoes following the footwear rule revisions announced by the global governing body on July 28.

Changes to the maximum sole height for shoes worn in track and field events and the establishment of an ‘Athletic Shoe Availability Scheme’ for unsponsored elite athletes were among the updates.

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The shoe list released by World Athletics on Thursday confirms that the much-talked-about Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% can be worn on the road but not on the track, with 40mm the maximum sole height for road shoes, while the limit is 20mm for shoes worn in events below 800m on the track and 25mm is the maximum for footwear worn in longer distance events from 800m upward on the track.

In cross country the limit is 25mm. For race walking events the maximum thickness of the sole is the same as that for road events.

The list of approved competition shoes can be downloaded here.

“The list does not contain every shoe ever worn by an athlete but it does include some older models of shoes that manufacturers sent to World Athletics for assessment by its independent expert,” said the governing body.

“The position with older shoes that are not on the list is that they still need to comply with the rule going forward.

“The athlete, or their representative, will need to ensure their older shoe complies with Rule 5.13 in terms of the maximum sole thicknesses for their specified event and any inserted plate or blade, including spike plates if relevant.”

World Athletics CEO, Jon Ridgeon, said: “Transitioning rules is never easy but is significantly harder with the current pandemic and the challenges we all face in staging, competing and providing kit and equipment during this time.

“We will continue to communicate, clarify and explain the rules and would like to thank our athletes, member federations, meeting organisers, shoe companies and technical officials for working with us to ensure the rules are understood and adhered to and, when this is not possible, that we resolve issues quickly, consistently and compassionately within the framework of the rules.”

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