Watch decathletes Kevin Mayer, Niklas Kaul and Maicel Uibo compete in a unique remote triathlon

The Ultimate Garden Clash – Combined Events Edition will see top decathletes Kevin Mayer, Niklas Kaul and Maicel Uibo compete remotely from their own training bases as they take on a unique triathlon and thanks to a World Athletics stream, fans around the world can watch the action live.

When? Sunday June 7, 17:00 CEST (16:00 BST).
Where? World record-holder Mayer will be in Montpellier in France, world champion Kaul will be in Mainz in Germany and world silver medallist Maicel Uibo will be in Clermont in Florida, USA.
What? The contest will begin with the pole vault where the athletes will attempt to clear a 4.00m bar as many times as possible during a 10-minute period. They will then move on to the shot put where the challenge is to send the 7.26kg implement beyond a 12-metre line as often as possible, again during a 10-minute period. The triathlon will conclude with a shuttle run in which two cones are placed 20 metres apart, with the athletes collecting points for each completed back and forth shuttle over the course of five minutes.

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