Sponsored post: Online protein supplement brand Scitec Nutrition are launching their athletics line

Focusing on pre-, intra- & post-workout products, Scitec Nutrition’s new Athletics Line are designed to help improve athletic performance and recovery, as part of a healthy lifestyle. The newest line is designed exclusively for athletes who want to improve their performance and endurance.

Scitec Nutrition’s Athletic Line is a comprehensive range which  features advanced multi mineral formulas and vitamin complexes available to enhance your aerobic workouts. Products available include whey protein, aminocomplex, multivitamins, isotonic drink and post work-out recovery protein, replenishing the fuel you burn during your endurance workout.

Where Scitec Nutrition were previously primarily known for their bodybuilding supplements, this new line is aimed at a more core market. For those who live an active lifestyle with regular workouts, these products will help to improve performance and aid recovery, meaning that those training as part of a healthy lifestyle will be able to see better results.

Speaking about the Athletic Line, Scitec Nutrition’s UK marketing manager Alex Breary said: “This range has been designed to fit a different market to our usual products, specifically those who focus more on athletic and endurance based activities such as CrossFit and triathlons.

“We have worked closely with our nutritionists and athletes to make products which fit in and around a healthy diet and your aerobic and endurance workouts to boost them and recover quicker after.”

He added: “We understand people have different needs when it comes to working out and their fitness and we hope the inclusion of this range will help our customers find the right products to fit their needs.”

No stranger to the sporting nutrition world, Scitec has grown to become a leading global brand of sports nutrition supplements with more than 700 product formulations, 135 proprietary flavouring systems, and distribution in over 90 countries. Recently they were made the official sports nutrition supplier of the Hungarian Olympic Team, and moreover, have been awarded the EU Brand of the Year 2017 on bodybuilding.com.

Check out their site for the complete line of products involving this exciting new line of athletics engineered products. See uk.scitecnutrition.com