AW testers review the Newton Distance V running shoes

This shoe is designed to encourage a more forefoot gait and because of that it creates a faster feeling shoe.

It’s perfect as racer-trainer, with a responsive feel and dynamic propulsive effect from the ‘POP+’ midsole.

The forefoot lugs which sit proud of the rest of the sole are positioned across a springboard-type section of the shoe. These then rebound against this area to give a highly responsive feel.

While the heel-drop is quoted at 2mm, the shoe does feel unusual due to the forefoot lugs, so it’s best treated like any shoe with a low drop and given some time to become naturally accustomed to the feel.

We loved: Our quicker testers with a natural forefoot strike praised this shoe and, price aside, it’s a model that’s competitive with all the others featured in our ‘spring in your step’ product feature.