An AW review of the Alaka’i sunglasses from Maui Jim

The Maui Jim Alaka’i sunglasses are the most expensive we tried for this set of reviews, but these American-made shades received a big thumbs-up from all that tested them.

The glasses are super-light with minimalist frames, which, despite their light weight, immediately feel very strong and durable and are highly flexible.

It’s the shape and flexibility that gives them their durability and fit. The frames wrap around the face with the arms sitting comfortably and securely in place and, thanks to the low weight, you’ll soon forget they are there.

Maui Jim lenses have a reputation of being unbeatable in terms of technology and these didn’t disappoint with all testers praising the brilliant colour and accentuated detail they provided.

Some found them uncomfortable for all-day use, but most said they lived up to the cost.

We loved: The rose-coloured lens which not only looks good, but performs well. It’s the colour shade that offers the highest degree of contrast, making it excellent for fast moving events.