AW puts the Breeze sunglasses from Julbo to the test

The Breeze sunglasses from Julbo are specifically designed for the contours of the female face and our female testers agreed that the shape and fit was excellent.

This model also features a photochromatic lens with optically perfect visibility.

Available in a range of coloured frames and shades of lens, the lenses quickly adapt to light conditions and provide excellent protection as well as offering good contrast, allowing a confident look at the surface ahead.

The lens is shaped into the frame to allow ventilation and prevent fogging, which works well, with testers reporting a clear view throughout testing.

The frame features the non-hair gripping technology on the stem ends and the arms are completely bendable so that you can squeeze them to a perfect fit.

We loved: The frame allows a good field of vision and is well made yet very light, proving comfortable even during day-long wear.