If you’re not sure what to get the athletics fans in your life this Christmas, then check out this gift idea

Calendar themes usually focus on celebrities, cute animals or picturesque landscapes, but photographer Alex Rotas has produced one that puts veteran athletes in the spotlight.

Rotas is a 67-year-old masters athlete herself and specialises in pictures of inspirational older athletes.

Her 2017 calendar features 12 British athletes ranging from relative youngsters in their fifties to those in their nineties and describes them as “true sporting heroes, who defy stereotypes about ageing and exuberantly prove what the human body is still capable of as it gets older”.

The pages feature information on each athlete of the month, which reflects their incredible stories and explains how old they are plus which event they are contesting.

The calendars are on sale for £12 including P&P (to the UK) at alexrotasphotography.co.uk/#purchase.

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