AW testers try out these compression boots for a DIY massage that aids recovery

The Air Relax Recovery System is an external pneumatic compression system – otherwise known as compression boots.

It comprises of a pneumatic compressor and inflatable ‘boots’ that connect to the compressor by way of pipes that gradually inflate and deflate to create an area of compression around the leg.

The idea is that they create a compressive/massage effect along the legs which stimulates circulation, and helps reduce exercise-induced muscle micro trauma and oedema (water retention). We’ve been trying the system for a few weeks now and feedback has been very impressive.

One tester said: “I tried the system and at first I was a little unsure of the results. Then I took part in a race in the mountains that left my legs very stiff with lots of muscle soreness.

“I used the system again and was amazed. I immediately felt an improvement and my legs felt a little fresher. I’d say my recovery was definitely improved and faster when using the system.”

They added: “It’s like having a therapist on standby ready to give you a massage after a run.”