AW promotion: Gait analysis can help to keep injury at bay and improve your performance

Everyone has their own answer to the question of why they run but have you ever stopped to consider how you run?

The process of running is a very dynamic movement and as such places a great deal of stress on the legs and feet. Therefore, the manner in which someone puts one foot in front of the other and moves through ‘the running gait cycle’ is hugely significant in the battle against injury.

Gait analysis – a way of assessing the way in which you run – is a system which is readily available and can help to identify not just the type of footwear which will be most suited to your running style but can also highlight any issues which may be affecting your overall performance.

Small adjustments to your stride length or cadence (steps per minute) can really make a difference.

Having your gait analysed is one of many good reasons to arrange an appointment with a qualified professional, such as a sports physiotherapist or podiatrist.

“The feather in the cap of most running specialist physiotherapists is their ability to perform a whole body, slow motion, running gait analysis,” says Paul Noble from BWT Physio. “This is the ideal way to assess the individual’s running style and its relationship to any injuries they may have.

“The aim of a running gait assessment is to identify how the various parts of the body move in different phases of the running cycle.

“By measuring joint angles at crucial phases of the gait cycle, recording the cadence, stride length and other variables, a picture can be built up of the runner’s overall gait health.

“This detailed analysis of the runner’s gait will help the physiotherapist know which changes to make to improve running efficiency and help prevent injuries in the future.”

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