The physical activity expert shares advice on small changes which could make a big difference when it comes to training and performance

Looking for some changes you can make to your training that could have a big impact on your performance? Physical activity expert and Olympian Professor Greg Whyte shares his three top tips.

Core strength

Number one is core strength and stability. The body is like a chain and it will only operate to the weakest link.

The core is incredibly important to running because it gives stability and that stability then dictates economy. If you are a thrower then clearly core is absolutely crucial. If you’re a jumper then core is critical because it’s about the transference of power and you need a stable core to be able to deliver that.

Prehabilitation and strength

Probably the next area would be along a similar theme – strength and power.

I think a lot of people are gym shy but the work doesn’t have to be done in the gym and it doesn’t have to be done with equipment.

What does strength do? Strength underpins power and that power underpins speed.

Equally, it’s about injury prevention and what you want to do is prehabilitate – you want to prevent injury. The trouble with injury is you can rehabilitate but you’ve always got that weakness. So prehabilitate and get strong. Do the strength work.

Get the right kit

Kit is really important. Having the right shoe for you – not the shoe that is the sexiest or most expensive – and investment into things like wearable tech, like a Fitbit, so you can actually monitor your training.

The great thing about wearable tech is that it is multi-functional. Not only can you monitor your training but you can look at your recovery, the quality of your sleep, you can monitor your diet.

There are so many things you can do simultaneously. That sort of thing is a great investment into individualising your training.

» Olympian Greg Whyte is professor of applied sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University and an ambassador for Fitbit