AW promotion: Why Active Plan can work wonders for you and why an appointment with the right practitioner will keep you running

If your car breaks down, you want to know the repairs are being carried out by a skilled mechanic, don’t you?

Therefore, as a runner and someone who loves to be physically active on a regular basis, it stands to reason that consulting experts who specialise in your chosen sport about keeping your body in shape to stand up to the rigours of training and racing is crucial, too.

At first glance you may see the new Simplyhealth Active Plan as just another version of private medical insurance but, take a proper look and you will see a number of very distinct differences which make the policy perfectly tailored to someone looking to maintain their fitness and keep injury at bay.

Active Plan is designed to help you achieve your personal goals, by giving you money back towards the cost of treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathy among the many benefits included in your cover, which starts from just £14 per month.

Unlike private medical insurance, there is no need for a referral from your GP, enabling you to see a practitioner of choice at a time convenient for you, whether you have a pre-existing injury or wish to prevent one. And the benefits of seeing the right professional can be hugely significant.

You may be someone who has developed pains that have left you unable to run, resulting in having to sit on the sidelines while trying to seek a diagnosis.

If so, you would be very much like Samantha Iliffe (pictured above), a 39-minute 10km runner who developed pains in her left glute and lower back immediately after racing a 5km. Following fruitless appointments, she received diagnoses ranging from ‘nerve problems’ to the fact that she had one leg 1cm longer than the other (which is actually very common).

Aside from being told to rest and stretch, Sam was no further down the line a fortnight later and, following a painful test run of just 30 seconds, knew she needed an expert’s help.

It was then that she contacted Blizard Physiotherapy, arranged an appointment with registered physiotherapist Jenny Blizard and discovered her problems actually stemmed from stability issues on her right side, not her left.

“Jenny asked me a lot of questions about lifestyle, running and diet, before completing some tests to check where the pain was, looking for imbalances,” says Sam.

“After observing me doing a single leg squat on the right-hand side she could see I had a hip drop, which was significant.”

Jenny adds: “The root source was actually a muscle imbalance in the gluteus medius (the main hip stability muscle) on the right side which meant that she was landing heavy on the left leg, causing the left-sided pain and dysfunction.

“We treated the left side by mobilising the stiff lumbar joint, which restored her hip rotation mobility. We then corrected
the muscle imbalance on the right with hip stability exercises.

“We advised her to run after her first session but keep to 30 minutes recovery every couple of days.

“At her two weeks check-up, she had minimal symptoms running. We reviewed her after another five weeks to check that she had maintained her improvements and to progress her rehabilitation.

“Prior to this appointment she had completed a 10km race with no further issues with her buttock and just 40 seconds slower than her last 10km in May this year and just 90 seconds off her PB.”

A Simplyhealth Active Plan can help pay towards the costs of health treatment to keep you on the road to achieving your goals.

Simplyhealth Active Plan. Be your personal best.


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