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    This event has always been hit and miss regarding depth of competition.

    If the top 5 in an event at U17 are all from the same Region, then it is likely that only 1 will compete.

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    Elite funding is entirely dictated by medal potential.

    The result is that sports like Rowing and Modern Pentathlon (expensive, elitist and non-inclusive) are well funded and others like Badminton (inclusive) have been abandoned.

    Likewise the grass roots funding has been hijacked by Government Policy on increasing activity (health and…[Read more]

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    The ‘worrying’ issue of her SP ranking is spurious. The disaster in Rio would have ranked 56th in the UK. The 22nd performance was 1.5 metres further.

    A lot of our best young female putters are tall and rangy. When they get older they go backwards relatively as others beat them
    With more compact explosive power.

  • Datum
    I am sure things will change. It is a fundamental flaw in the British personality not to welcome being told what to do.
    Leagues will change one way or another. The SAL is a good example of what could happen. It is too much to expect instant change and it may be more a case of getting the ideas on the agenda and then evolving over a couple of seasons.

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    All very interesting but the biggest problem is that officials are getting older and many seem to be scared of technology.

    Some of the shananigans I have experienced with EDM this season has been sobering. On several occasions I have ended up sitting on the EDM for virtually the whole meeting. Many officials are scared of technology.

    The onus…[Read more]

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    Good post Gordon
    The situation you describe is a positive move for the athlete but this is often not the case.

  • This is a fundamental problem for the sport in the UK.

    The next tier down from the ESAA and EA champs is the Area Champs and they are poorly attended as are the counties which provide the next level down from Area.

    The good thing about the YDL Finals are that they are run like a major championship event with call room etc. It is a daunting but…[Read more]

  • In the YDLU Final on Sunday all teams can use 4 male and 4 female 2nd claim Athletes.

    This is the case for every match.

    You are using an extreme example. Not all big clubs reach the YDL Finals and a tiny number reach European club comps.

  • You are making a good point.

    My belief is that grass roots funding should be aimed at improving (and securing) facilities along with recruitment of volunteers. The rest will follow.

    I have been disheartened this season with the state of some cages and throwing circles. We are moving into a new track next month and we have really stressed the…[Read more]

  • Ok guys.

    Malcolm, you are right of course to mention the Hammer Circle but t is not the BMC with weekly events throughout the season. Hammer seems healthy to me at present and my club is doing well at the event, but there are some serious issues with cages. Just go to Stoke for a perfect example.

    The point about councils has been taken…[Read more]

  • It is hard to justify spending 0000’s on a track where Councils are experiencing huge budget cuts e.g. Do you empty the bins or invest in sports facilities. Grants would have to come from central govt.

    The best solution would be for councils not to be involved and some central funding to be provided, but this is unlikely.

  • Most of the proposals need finance.

    To establish a new track, assuming you can find an appropriate footprint to build it on, would cost c£5m.

    The main issue is the state of existing facilities.

  • Stirling
    ‘Weak management (committees)’.
    There is an easy answer to that one! Put yourself forward as a committee member. I don’t blame you for not doing so, because it is a really thankless role.

    Typically a committee has a twin set of objectives:

    1. Internal – making sure you have the resources, facilities, coaches and officials to operate…[Read more]

  • This is a great thread.

    Stirling – there is nothing wrong with healthy rivalry between clubs. We have that in the Midlands and a lot of us enjoy our competition and some good banter (between teams and officials – we help each other out where required).

    A lot of the other negatives you mention are quite extreme and clearly undesirable.

  • Maybe going rounds more efficiently was the learning point from Rio?
    Massive potential from Laura.

  • A fair point Trackstyles.

    To create better competition you need to have some competition and just like salary caps and drafting in other sports there needs to
    be some kind of ground rule to stop a small number of clubs monopolising the best athletes, particularly if they are failing to develop much talent of their own.

    The other point regarding…[Read more]

  • On a wider note!
    The current BAL/UKWAL structure is archaic. Younger athletes want to carry on competing in a recognisable format…therefore they want mixed leagues. I am sure that at some point in the near future, the National League structure will change to accommodate mixed teams. The SAL showed the desire for this.

  • Higher league clubs will look at where they have gaps in their team and go out to recruit suitable athletes. They may utilise their HCA quota or initially do this before enticing the HCA’s to become 1st claim.

    Why higher claim for a club 200 miles away from your home? There must be clubs closer than them, competing in BAL. Therefore what other…[Read more]

  • It is Understandable when an HCA from a very small club decides to change to first claim because of the better competition opportunity. However at U23/Senior this can only be 4xBAL matches and in the case of U20’s potentially 4xYDL or 5 if they reach the National Final (and BAL if required).
    I think the issue is confused when clubs actively…[Read more]

  • It would be interesting to find out which club is involved with the issue described above. I am confident that this cannot happen at my club. We have several coaches in each discipline and athletes move around if required, depending on age, ability and specialism. I would say that massive groups do not work. In our case the most pressure at the…[Read more]

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