• It seems he’s re-adjusting. He turned down a 4×400 relay spot, and seems to be trying to come back down to 200

  • Not quite correct. Caymens, BVI and Bermuda got their applicatins in before the IOC amended the rules so that only recognised nation states could be members. SO while those three are in, the other BOTs and Crown Dependencies are not.

    As for Anguilla, Anguillans are BOA for ~Olympic purposes, i.e. Team GB. however, for IAAF purposes they have a…[Read more]

  • 1) introduce a ‘throw for height’ indoors, try to tempt some of the heavy heavy boys indoors for some fun, using either high jump of pole vault equipment depending on weight

    2) another cycling borrowing – bring back 200m indoors, but instead of having dud lanes, just use the two good ones – but with 2 runners starting at start line, and 2 at half…[Read more]

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    Wiggins bredth matches up to Froome’s depth – Wiggins ability to turn world class 4k indoor time trials into a Tour win, and 2 other GT podiums, and then back again is genuinely astonishing – only Coppi and Anquetil come close, even Merckx on the track was almost exclusively a six day man. Froome does modern GTs. That’s his thing. He wouldn’t…[Read more]

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    Froome is going for the World Time Trial this week. Historically the Triple Crown has been the pinnacle in terms of ‘great seasons’, and only achieved legendarily twice, Merckx and Roche.

    That triple crown, the classic one is Giro, Tour, World Road Race

    But I would suggest that the words ‘triple crown’ may start to buzz if he pulls off the Tour,…[Read more]

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    UKSport have directed, I believe, that the Euros is the ‘key’ event next year. The year is bookended by home indoor events – 2018 Birmingham Worlds and 2019 Glasgow Europeans. In addition, although Berlin is not a home games, it forms part of the “European Champs” concept of which Glasgow is a co-host, so it’ll have to be treated as a home games…[Read more]

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    Centres of excellence are excellent….if they’re excellent.

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    It’s the Steve Davis paradox – widely disliked in his unbeatable pomp, he ended up much loved as he declined – it’s part of the human condition, we warm to frailty, because it makes the frail more human, more ‘us’ rather than them.

    I’m sure Mo would rather have won the World, rather than his first (and last) Diamond League title (itself a nice…[Read more]

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    Lions, mate. Drawn series in NZ almost guarantees them that prize – it shouldn’t, but it will. Pity, as there’s actually several worthy possibles – Englands women’s Cricket, Rugby and Football teams have all done very well, the James Guy led 4 x 200 free swimmers along with the 4 x 100m boys of course. Arguably Saracens are there and there…[Read more]

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    He wasn’t there as a journalist, but as a presenter. It’s a television production, it’s not the Old Bailey. People need to get their heads round the difference.

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    I wasn’t aware Hassan’s coach was under investigation. The complete collapse in form from Dibaba is staggering, and sadly telling. The only similar reverse transformation I can think of is Ye Shewin, she of the crazy freestyle leg of 400 IM in London 2012 that nearly caused an international incident. She all but disappeared without trace afterwards.

  • Judd practically played that role in the semi, and it worked a treat. Too much, I fear to ask Weightman to sacrifice herself for Muir – this ain’t cycling – in that context, the German’s implosion is unfortuante, she and Judd are the two obvious hares.

  • For years the naysayers have said, but he doesn’t run fast races at championships, no-one’s tried to run the kick out of him, attack him, vary the pace, push him about.

    Well, tonight they did all of that in arguably one of the great 10,ooo global finals ever. And he took it, took them, and won. The question finally answered at 34 – can you run…[Read more]

  • I think she’s a great lass, and seems great fun, but I just don’t seem that big a future for Jasmin Sawyers as a pure long jumper – she just doesn’t have the physical tools, however game she is. Should she consider a return to heptathlon – or concentrate on her winter interests?

  • It’s not their job to ‘improve athletics in this country’. That’s UKA’s job. Their job is to provide a television show about sport, which most of them – Colin aside – do reasonably well, and a couple do excellently. Yes Colin’s beyond awful, but hey, Listen to Carlton Kirby for two hours and count yourself fortunate.

  • Is she done with Heptathlon?

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    It’s unlikely that Al’s cheating was/is anything like as blatant as industrial quantities of EPO on tour. But time will tell.

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    Despite declarations that he’d been cleared by certain forumites, Jama Aden has been indicted on “public health” charges – basically facilitating doping.

    http://www.elconfidencial.com/deportes/2017-07-08/procesado-jama-aden-red-dopaje-sabadell-musa-balla_1411544/ (in spanish)

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    Maybe it suggests that Champs feel remote from current club level athletes in a way that Highgate doesn’t. Perhaps that suggests more ‘club athletes’ need to be part of the mix – perhaps, like th recent change ot the europeans, we could have preliminary rounds in certain events, with byes to the highest ranked ‘elite’ athletes. Counterintuitive…[Read more]

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    The Night of 10k PBs has completely galvinised the long forgotten distance running community – albeit building very much on a long successful series of road running events. In its own way, our 10k trials are now a better and more successful event than the British Champs/Trials

    Part of the novelty of that experience is significantly increased fan…[Read more]

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