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    Bob Jansen

    Has the time come to get rid of this event?

    Just 5 teams (in 2006 there were 12) means that events are not competitive .. most races were at a depth weaker than ESAA heats

    It is 1 week after national U17s, 1 week before YDL finals, 2 weeks before ESAA combined events and we wonder why kids get burned out

    PARA events were badly organised .. RAZA scores were used wrongly and the wrong athletes got the wrong medals, and then had them swapped round the following day.

    The independent review commissioned in 2016 said

    for athletes it should benefit home country or British Team talent pools; and
    – for sports it should benefit their talent pathway and competition structures with the finals fully integrated into pathways and structures rather than being a duplication.

    It is time to take heed of that advice … It is an event too far – take athletics out of the event altogether



    This event has always been hit and miss regarding depth of competition.

    If the top 5 in an event at U17 are all from the same Region, then it is likely that only 1 will compete.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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