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    I am currently 12 years old (nearly 13) and about 5’10 and my Go To race is 400m Relay but I have been trying to improve my 300 meter time (51.7 seconds) and would like some tips on how to improve my time, I am quite fast with a good 100 meter sprint score but I need to improve my stamina, I have been doing 800 and 1500 once every thew days, is this the only thing I could do? I would like if any one could answer. Don’t say eat meat or stuff as I am a Vegan.



    Hi mate,

    For me, the answer is reps! Just like these bodybuilders these days do in the gym, replicate that on the track.

    If you’re a 400m runner, i’d suggest heading to your local track and trying 2 x 600m with a few minutes rest, then down to 2 x 500, then a final 400m. Tailor this to your ability/fitness and allow room for progression! The above will probably make you want to throw up several times but repeating a distance a few hundred meters more than your race distance will help you push through the final stages of your event.

    Technique is equally important. It’s important to consider HOW you’re running rather than WHAT you’re running.

    Most importantly, have fun! Put yourself in the mindset of a hero, pretend you’re running in the Olympic Final when you do it, picture having Steve Cram commentating in your head!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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