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    Yes, another chance to pit your prediction skills against the best minds that the AW Forum can offer!

    There’s 2 parts to this contest. The scores from both parts will be added together to determine our overall Gold, Silver & Bronze winners. Please don’t forget to answer the tiebreaker question.

    Part 1
    Predict which British athletes (& relay teams) will win a medal in which events. You do not need to specify what colour of medal.

    1 point is scored for each correct prediction but you lose a point for each incorrect prediction. If your predicted athlete does not start the event you will not be deducted a point.
    To clarify, medals in the Men’s & Women’s European Marathon Cups (i.e., the team competition) do not count for the purposes of this contest but individual medals won in the marathon do count.

    Part 2 tests your pan-European knowledge a bit more (and also helps ensure that we don’t have any minus scores again!) …

    Part 2
    Pick one of the following 3 groups of 16 events and predict the champion for each event.

    1 point is scored for each correct prediction. No points are deducted for incorrect predictions.
    To make it easy just name the group you’ve chosen and then list your champions in the order of the events listed (no need to state the events).

    Group A
    M 200
    M 800
    M 10,000
    M 110 Hurdles
    M High Jump
    M Hammer
    M 4x400m Relay
    M 50km Race Walk
    W 400
    W 1500
    W 400 Hurdles
    W 3000 Steeplchase
    W Marathon
    W Long Jump
    W Discus
    W Heptathlon

    Group B
    M 400
    M 1500
    M 400 Hurdles
    M Long Jump
    M Pole Vault
    M Discus
    M Decathlon
    M 20km Race Walk
    W 100
    W 800
    W 5000
    W 4×100 Relay
    W 50km Race Walk
    W Triple Jump
    W Shot Put
    W Javelin

    Group C
    M 100
    M 5000
    M 3000 Steeplechase
    M Marathon
    M 4×100 Relay
    M Triple Jump
    M Shot Put
    M Javelin
    W 200
    W 10,000
    W 100 Hurdles
    W 4×400 Relay
    W 20km Race Walk
    W High Jump
    W Pole Vault
    W Hammer

    Note: To compose the groups I split the events into 5 categories ranging from those with really hot favourites to those with 3 or more feasible winners. Then I tried to allocate the events evenly across the 3 groups, also trying to get a full range of event types in each group. So, I think the groups are as equal in terms of difficulty as I could make them.

    Predict the winning time in the Women’s 800m Final.
    In the event of a tied score for the Gold medal, the contestant closest to this winning time will win.

    Useful info
    For your reference, the number of British medallists in the last 5 mid-Olympic-cycle editions of the European Championships were:
    1998 Budapest: 16
    2002 Munich: 12
    2006 Gothenburg: 11
    2010 Barcelona: 20
    2014 Zurich: 23

    The Final Entry Lists are available at

    The British team is listed here –

    I will endeavour to keep the thread updated with significant withdrawals. Already, in the Men’s Decathlon, Kai Kazmirek is out & Niklas Kaul replaces him. Also, Danil Lysenko is out of the Men’s High Jump.

    The closing time for the contest is 3.05pm UK time on Monday 6th August when the first event starts.

    You can edit your team right up to the closing time but not afterwards.

    If you need anything clarifying, please just ask.

    Good luck everyone and enjoy the Championships!

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