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    His own coach basically gets caught by a Telegraph reporter speaking freely about doping and offers to get him doped.


    Jamie Luis Ford

    Difficult one this, read the article last night – at this stage I think it would be unfair to use this bit of journalism as evidence that Gatlin is on the sauce, as likely as that may have always been.

    I worry for the future, because i’m praying (of course) that he’s clean, but why do I feel there are people hoping for him to be dirty & banned once more? (and last time).

    I honestly don’t know when the drug train in our sport will stop, i’m fed up of every other story being about it. Although it’s necessary, it being a current issue in sport – unfortunately it will most probably linger around every WR, gold medal, SPOTY et al indefinitely.

    There’s too much we don’t know, there’s a lot more we’ll never know.



    He claims to be “shocked and surprised”.

    I doubt many other people are.



    …..Here we go again….I guess we should be grateful for 1 day of positive headlines for our sport…Back to Business As Usual…athletics used by the media as the “whipping boy” for doping whilst “lawyer-upped” team sports like football play on by the rules of Omerta!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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