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    Before you say anything, money isn’t my main focus here but recently I’ve been sooo interested in getting back into track. I’m 22 and have some friends who run competitively, (don’t want to name them) I’m overweight and can definitely run fast/faster and always have been able to, I really think I can do this but I’m always worried about how I will go to all these countries and stuff to compete or if it’s worth it financially.

    Can someone explain how I’ll earn money for a living and stuff? would you advise me getting back into it?
    I’m 6ft1 and weight 110kg, which I know is bad but I can work extra hard.



    Endorsements make up a lot of their earnings.



    :mail: One way is to be a great ambassador to the sport and to also have some decent results. Briefly, get a race and life resume together. Write a great cover letter introducing yourself. Add a few photos. And if you have the resources, you could even put together a short video (post this online). Via email, send that info in the fall to the companies you want to target. B-)

    I reach out to websites and get sponsorships. Often times, companies will pay me in products/goods (enough for me to eat my favorite food all day: http://secretmenus.com/chipotle/secret-menu/).

    Map out how you will brand your name to gain sponsorship. Brands have loyal fans and you’ll want to begin building a public presence to attract your own supporters. Use social media, start a blog http://howtostartablog.com/ or build a website that documents your successes and training.

    Good luck! :good:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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