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    Good stuff from 9am today and with no swimming not a lot to clash with on TV unless they binge on Golf.
    Long-shot Sophie Hitchon in Hammer qualifying first up.

    Thoughts for Philipo whose heart (and soap) will be in his mouth. Cheering and flag waving as MHS fulfills his destiny by breaking the European Record then gets disqualified for treading on a line somewhere. Or could the day finish with a ‘chokers’ medal treble in the bag – KJT/Bradshaw/MHS?

    Lots to look forward to. What odds an Ingebrigtsen treble in the 1500m. Has a family ever monopolised an event?

    But for me KJT is the main attraction. The only GB athlete who gets regular posts on here about whether she can/should smile, what, if anything, is going on in her head and why she can’t throw further. Reminder of one prediction of how it might go –

    KJT – 6.60m Lj (1040pts) 5057
    ……….40.50 Jav (677pts) 5734
    ………2.10 800m (965pts) 6699

    Thiam – 6.50 Lj (1007pts) 4937
    ……….52.00 Jav (899pts) 5836 – 102 pt advantage
    ………2.18 800m (851pts) 6687

    Schafer – 6.25 Lj (927pts) 4775
    ……….50.00 Jav (860pts) 5635
    ………2.15.5 800m (886pts) 6521 – no danger

    Vetter – 6.20 Lj (912pts) 4714
    …….53.00 Jav (918pts) 5632
    ………2.21 800m (810pts) 6442

    Barring disasters or major surprises it should come down to KJT trying to put maximum distance between herself and Thiam in the 800m. Long Jump could be tense.

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