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    English Age group Championships are taking place this weekend who’s the up and coming stars to look out for ?



    We have a plethora of young talent in the mid-distances.

    In the Men’s U17 there’s Max Burgin who ran 1:49.42 last year which was, I believe, a world age 15 record!

    Of course, there’s Markhim Lonsdale in the U20 (his last year before seniors), 1:46.97 last year. Alex Botterill has 2 years left in the age group. He ran 1:48.68 last year.

    In the Women’s U17 there’s Ella McNiven who ran 4:15.61 (aged 15 at the time) – 5th place on the UK all-time U17 list.

    Also, Anna Smith ran 4:17.99, Emily Williams 4:20.29 & Olivia Mason 4:20.57. Remarkably, they’re all still U17.

    And in the U20 there’s three 2:04.x girls, all with 2 years to go in the age group – Khahisa Mhlanga, Anna Burt & Isabelle Boffey.

    I don’t know which of them will be running at the weekend.

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