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    Women’s 800m

    1) Raven Rogers (US) 2:00.20
    2) Tracy Adelle (GB) 2:01.05
    3) Simoya Campbell (Jca) 2:01.59


    Talk about consistency – Manyonga 8.51, 8.48, 8.50 & 8.50!!

    Men’s long jump

    1) Luvo Manyongo (RSA) 8.51
    2) Zack Basile (US) 8.30
    3) Ramone Bailey (Jca) 8.13



    Britain and Poland equal second going into the 4×400!



    Men’s 100m

    1) Tyquendo Tracey (Jca) 10.03
    2) Kendal Williams (US) 10.05
    3) Simon Magakwe (RSA) 10.11



    And just noticed Britain DNS!



    Final standings

    1) USA – 219 points
    2) Poland – 162
    3) Great Britain – 155
    4) Jamaica – 153
    5) France
    6) Germany
    7) South Africa
    8 ) China

    Fourth…not bad for a country of less than 3 million, which doesn’t have the depth in events that the more populous countries have.



    To be fair, in my experience this exactly the sort of competition a smaller country (my experience – same principle, but with schools) can do well in – one per event means you don’t need depth (relays aside, and with a decent hurdler and 800m runner you’re 3/4 there), and points limited and everyone will get one (at least) for finishing.

    In schools’ comps, smaller schools will always struggle with a full meet but can rank much higher in this format.



    as a postscript to the competition, well done to those involved in Team GB, it seems a few have taken this opportunity to compete at the London Stadium for the first time and enjoyed the experience …

    I recently discovered the Nuffin’ Long Atheltics interviews on youtube and they are way more informative and relaxed then the ‘official’ ones …

    Fro example this one with the women’s relay post race, the gentleman involved clearly knows his athletics and deserves some plaudits for his style.

    Asha Philip is a real character – may I say the hair is looking great …

    Relay selection is looking very competitive !



    Yes I’ve been following Nuffin Long Athletics for a while now and they’re always the first interviews I watch. Usually get a better insight into the athletes plans as well.



    Despite the absence of star names I thought it was quite enjoyable. Quite a few SBs – Bradshaw, Hitchon, Lincoln, Whiteaker etc.

    Do share reservations about what sort of crowd they might get elsewhere though.

    Wouldn’t be upset if they made London a permanent home and canned the Birmingham Diamond League.

    Or did it as the Eurovision Song Contest, with the winner getting to host the following year’s event (except that would make it US based forever….).



    A second rate meet with the totally predictable victory by the USA which would have been the case if they had sent their 3rd or 4th team .
    The performance of our athletes especially in the field events comprised a reasonable mens hammer performance and two excellent victories in the womens field events and the rest were pretty dire in international terms , but no surprise there , I suppose.
    4 international class field efforts out of 16 events. Hmmm.Our best TJer was Douglas with 16.24, not bad for a U20 mind!!!
    The British men’s track team may have been not our best, as with all of the other teams, but hardly decent efforts from Edo,Williams Pozzi,Yousif.

    Bianca W, Dobbin, Onuora, Reekie did not set the pulses racing even in reasonable weather in front of a home crowd.

    I will hear that the event did not matter because they were not our first strings; in the field events that was not true.
    If they are hanging on for the Euros in 3 weeks time I am certainly not holding my breath, with barely a handful of Gold medal hopes.



    As I said before UKA needed another event to justify their use of the stadium and so must be quite happy with how this went. They will probably want it on a permanent basis, at least for a few years, make it an official IAAF event and ensure a better slot in the calendar. There was a healthy crowd of possibly 55,000-60,000 over two days and next weekends Anniversary Games appears to be around 85% full with still a few days for late ticket purchases.

    The format and presentation is good. I can see a need to include a longer track race in the programme. It gives each country a chance to include athletes in events they are not particularly strong in and not just a few stars. As has been said by others we should revert back to the European Cup format of which this is similar.

    Overall, it was a good event and hopefully will be repeated in London.



    I read in the latest Sean Ingle piece that China are interested in hosting the next World Cup in 2020, I strange way to curry favour with the IAAF, by sending two thirds of a team

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