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    I think we need to remember that Haroun is coached by Jama Aden. We probably need to take the performances of all his athletes with a pinch of salt (or an injection of vitamins). According to David Torrence, Aden suggested on a few occasions, during his short spell with the training group, that Torrence needed to ‘get over his fear of needles’ and should ‘take vitamin injections’ to aid recovery between sessions. On this basis, it’s safe to assume that all Aden’s athletes have, at the very least, been repeatedly pressurised by Aden to have his injections. Of course, we now know that Aden was caught with EPO in a bust aided by Torrence’s tip-off. Haroun was one of the athletes at that training camp.

    Huge leaps in performance after a mediocre early career are a good indication that we should at least be suspicious of what an athlete is putting into their body. e.g. Alptekin, Bulut, Makwala, Jeter, Makhloufi (another Aden coached athlete), Ramzi. Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce was an 11.74/24.13 runner at 20 years old and a 10.78/22.15 runner at 21 years old. Of course, I don’t know her circumstances at the time, but it raises flags. How would we react if Hannah Brier or Finette Agypong ran 10.80 next year? But Haroun is an interesting case, in that he DID have a stellar junior career. 44.27 as an 18-year-old seems ridiculously good. From what I can gather, he moved to Qatar at 17, ran a best of 45.74 in his first year there, and then improved to 44.27 in 2015, at 18. I haven’t been able to find out when he started being coached by Aden, but given that Aden has been based in Qatar for many years now, I would guess it was shortly after his nationality switch.

    There may be a parallel with Hamza Driouch here. Driouch also switched to Qatar before the age of 18 to be coached by Aden. He won the World Junior Championship in 2012 (like Haroun did 2 years ago). But we now know that Driouch was using PEDS and cheating from the age of 18. I think this is more than ‘guilt by association’. I cannot watch any of Aden’s training group and believe their performances.

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