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    Agreed – but she’s improved her LJ by nearly 30cms from the date of that shot competition, which makes me think (hope?!?) she was competing through a training block and may well be a fair bit better by WIC. She’s ahead of last year in LJ and Hurdles and HJ is great – so fingers crossed…



    Trevor and Jimbo

    I have no expectations with regard to Kats ‘ball and chain’ events. I’d settle for a shade over 13 metres in the shot.
    Provided she didn’t blow out in any of her very strong events, a 13 shot and a 42 jave might get her on a global podium. But it will never be good enough to beat Thiam unless Thiam has a ‘shocker’ somewhere.

    I just think Kat has so many talents I don’t want to see her fishing for a bronze. There are bigger rewards on offer, surely?
    I thought she looked very well conditioned, the best I’ve ever seen her look, actually.



    KJT set a 6691 pb last year which was promising after just 5 months in her new set up. 6800 is on the cards but if she is going to challenge Thiam, she is going to have to start jumping 7 metres in the LJ. Jumping 6.50 in Gotzis and London last year is just not good enough.

Viewing 3 posts - 126 through 128 (of 128 total)

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