Let me just add to the well justified praise and support that Greg Rutherford is receiving after he’s joined the club of great Great British athletes.

And also, it has to be said, this was no “fluke” effort either. Jumping anything on or around 8.40m in the Long Jump is true world class in any era, maybe apart from the 80’s and early to mid 90’s with the likes of Lewis, Powell, Emmiyan, Walder and a few others, when having to jump over 8.60m was about the only hope you had of gaining the gold or even silver medal.
In fact that last World Championships which was won with that kind of distance was in Paris, 2003, when Dwight Phillips prevailed. Since then, anything between 8.40m and 8.50+ has been good enough for gold.

Also Greg’s first round and third foul jumps were *well* over 8.50m, in particular the third round effort which to me looked possibly over 8.60m! So the guy can get right up there into the kinds of distances which would place him the world’s top 10 all-time.

It’ll be some Olympic Games in Rio for sure in the Long Jump, and all the competitors he will face there know that Greg is one of the grittiest competitors who usually gets it right on the biggest occasion.