They actually couldn’t bring Jackson and Simpson – for some reason you weren’t allowed to take a mix of A and B standard athletes to the Olympics.

Yeah but they could have not selected Sharp & taken Jackson, Simpson & Okoro. The rule then (stupid rule) was 3 x A or 1 x B.

That would probably have raised more questions as when was the last time the British & European Champion wasn’t in that year’s major champs squad?

Oh yes, sorry, I misunderstood.

Loads of British champions have not been selected

She wasn’t Euro champion at the time – and anyway, it was a much watered down version, more akin to the ETC than a proper champs.

And there are instances of Euro champs not being selected anyway I’m sure. This year for instance, it looked probable for a while, and is still possible, that Martyn Rooneh will not be selected.