Birech has malaria!

In Adharanand Finn’s brilliant book, ‘Running with the Kenyans’ he wrote that they use the term ‘Malaria’ to describe any flu like symptoms and often recover in a couple of weeks. Either way, we face the jaw dropping possibility that a non-Kenyan could go into a World Champs as favourite!

BTW, Finn’s latest book about Japan is equally good. Probably worth posting as a new topic, what I learned about the depth and quality of Japanese distance runners was genuinely eye opening. I didn’t realise that most of their best performances are run in Ekidens over non-standard distanceS, so when we look at their times for HM and Marathon, it is only telling half the story. Even allowing for that I was astonished to see that in a recent University HM Champs, 100 runners ran faster than 64:40.