Video montage of this year’s Red Bull Wings For Life World Run which saw 35,397 runners from 164 nations take part

A number of top athletes were involved in a new set of races with a twist last weekend.

Taking place at 35 different venues in 33 countries, the Wings for Life World Run saw runners of all levels battling to stay in front of “catcher cars” which started half an hour behind them and progressed at a steadily increasing speed.

The cars at all locations began at 16km/hr, then after one hour sped up to 17km/hr. One hour later it became 20km/hr before two hours later it was 35km/hr. Runners dropped out once caught by the cars and the last man and last woman involved at each location was crowned the winner.

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Lemawork Ketema of Ethiopia was the global No.1. Running on a course in Austria, he completed 78.58km (48.83 miles) before being caught. Norway’s Elise Selvikvag Molvik was top woman on 54.79km.

Britain’s Paul Martelletti (pictured above) was fifth worldwide as he completed 69.37km (40.96 miles) to win the event on a tough course in Silverstone. Scotland’s Joasia Zakrzewki was seventh best woman worldwide as she won the Silverstone event with 45.39km (26.8 miles). At Silverstone, she was just ahead of Lingfield Running Club’s Edwina Sutton, who was caught at 45.38km.

A total of 35,397 runners worldwide took part, helping to raise funds for spinal cord research.