Distance runner Jenny Nesbitt tells us what is on her weekly shopping list

Quinoa seeds

I love mixing quinoa into my porridge as it provides me with vital nutrients, fats and proteins, as well as tasting delicious. Grains and seeds are really healthy and a daily bowl of quinoa or oats has been shown to prolong life.

Mixed nuts

Nuts are my favourite snack between sessions as they contain essential nutrients, protein, minerals and healthy fats. I tend to go for plain nuts, rather than roasted or salted, as I think they taste better, but they are also healthier.


This is my ultimate meal. It’s so simple and easy to make, and can be made in batches so there is extra left over for the next day. I always make sure that I have a supply in the cupboard, and tend to mix both wholemeal and white together. It often gets a bad rap and I loved that a recent study showed eating pasta helps you to maintain or lose weight. Athletes have always known it’s good.

Iced Gems

I don’t have a massive sweet tooth, but Iced Gems are my favourite. I always have a packet of them when I get a craving for something a bit sugary and, because they’re relatively small and I take my time nibbling off the top and then crunching the biscuit, they always satisfy.