Rio Olympic marathoner Alyson Dixon tells AW what is on her weekly shopping list

Soreen malt loaf

I practically live off of malt loaf. It’s high in carbs and low in fat so great for carboloading pre-marathon. It’s also great for a pre or post-training snack; it always comes with me to races.

You can never just have one slice and it’s actually best when you just tear chunks off. I can easily go through a large loaf in a day or two.

Cocount oil

I’ve become a big fan of coconut oil this year. It’s a good fat and has lots of uses.

I use it for cooking instead of sunflower, vegetable or olive oil. I also add it into my porridge in the morning and my hot chocolate at night. I’m quite partial to just eating it with a spoon straight from the jar.

Porridge oats

I tend to do my morning runs (up to 15 miles) before breakfast and then dive into a huge bowl of porridge after. I add all sorts into it, such as chia seeds, maca root powder, cocoa nibs (all kindly supplied by Creative Nature Foods), almonds, raisins and then drizzle it with honey.

There’s nothing better to warm you up after a cold, wet, winter’s morning run.

I also use oats to make energy ball snacks so that I always have good, healthy, high-energy snacks at hand to boost me through an afternoon session.

Green & Black’s dark chocolate

What girl doesn’t like chocolate? I always have a supply of dark chocolate in the fridge.

I tend to go for the Green & Black’s variety box so that I have a choice of flavours – dark chocolate with burnt toffee, hazelnut, raisins, etc. Also the bars are bite-size so I’m not tempted to sit and eat a full size bar in one go.