Your exclusive offer from Lifetime Rewards in association with VitalityHealth and VitalityLife

Take out a VitalityLife or Health policy through Lifetime Rewards before January 30, 2016, and receive a pair of Sweatshop running trainers for no cost.

This offer applies to trainers up to the value of £100 and is only available to Athletics Weekly readers via the Lifetime Rewards team, subject to terms and conditions.

Who are Lifetime Rewards?

lifetime_rewards_vitality-300Lifetime Rewards are an exclusive distributor of Vitality insurance policies. Their trained team of Protection Advisors can help you to understand your financial circumstances and build a plan that’s right for you.

Choosing one of their life, serious illness or income protection insurance policies means that if you become ill or cannot work due to an illness, an injury or death, you or your family will receive a payment to help you manage your financial affairs. Their comprehensive range of healthcare plans also means you can get access to the best possible medical care when you need it the most.

But they don’t just offer protection when things go wrong. They offer a rewards programme that gives you the chance to earn benefits, discounts and cashback each year by looking after your health.

While being healthy is often reward enough, it’s always nice to receive further benefits. Vitality cover means it is cheaper and easier to live healthier by rewarding members for getting active.

What makes this so perfect for athletes?

Athletes tend to track their exercise activity for training and progression purposes. With a Vitalitylife or Vitalityhealth policy you can purchase an activity tracking device such as a Garmin or Polar heart rate monitor or Fitbug fitness tracker at half the recommended retail price. By then simply linking your device to your own Vitality member zone you can build points and unlock rewards for you and your family.

While elite runners might replace their running shoes every 300-500 miles, non-elites are likely  to be able to get around another 200 miles out of their footwear, before needing to replace them. That’s still quite an expense, though, which is why Lifetime Rewards are offering you a free pair of trainers up to the value of £100 when you take out a policy. In addition, each year you will also be able to replace these trainers at Sweatshop at a 50% discount, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Don’t forget to quote the promo code ‘AW’!

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