The winner in our Brooks competition series for the month of September shares what makes her Run Happy

My Run Happy story is my first 10km at Gibside.

Angled Polaroid LauraWe set off prompt at 9.30am and I settled into a nice little pace, kind of a fast walk. The first mile was fine and I quite enjoyed the scenery, but I suppose I should have realised that running on a slight decline wasn’t going to last forever!

Oh and then we met the hills! Tough steep ones, wet and slippery from all the runners with wings. I pray one day I can join the front runners or even catch a glimpse of them in the distance but for now my mantra is to complete rather than compete!

I do recall at about four miles I began to swear at myself for entering and then proceeded to attempt to run (fall gracefully) downhill… I think I then established that I prefer running uphill!

Angled Polaroid 2 LauraAlthough it was my furthest and hardest race at that point, the route was a beaut and there was lots of support and encouragement all the way round which kept me going right through to the last straight, which went on forever… and ever! A race full of emotions but my Run Happy race as it was the hardest race I’ve done and I still managed to smile on the way round.

1:16 and I’ll definitely be back next year.


Brooks believes in the transformative power of the run. The run can turn a day – or a life – completely around and can flat-out change the world.

That’s why each month they’re rewarding one AW reader for sharing what makes them Run Happy. We want to hear all about your Run Happy experience, whether it’s a first race, a new PB or a moment that changed your race around. It can be anything.

Each month we will pick our favourite story. Not only will it appear in Athletics Weekly, but the owner of that story will receive Brooks kit including footwear, a jacket and a tee.

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