Role of the Scottish Athletics chief executive will include ensuring that views of UK member clubs and athletes are fully represented

Nigel Holl, the chief executive of Scottish Athletics, has been named as the Head of Strategy for British Athletics.

Holl is to continue in his chief executive position but will now also work with the UK national governing body on a part-time basis.

The role will see Holl providing leadership to the key Strategic Advisory Committees set up by UK Athletics to provide guidance to the Boards of UK Athletics, the Boards of the Home Country Athletic Federations and the UK Members Council.

He will also have the responsibility of ensuring that that the views of member clubs and member athletes from across the UK are fully represented and that all strategic recommendations are in line with the agreed Athlete Development Model.

The first strategy project that Holl will take on will be the completion and implementation of the current Competition Review which aims to publish its recommendations later in 2015.

“Myself and the four home country CEOs meet monthly to discuss and agree strategic priorities for the sport. We all felt it was important to extend that process and to engage Home Country leadership directly in the decision making processes, and this is why I asked Nigel to take on this role,” commented British Athletics CEO Niels de Vos.

Holl, who reinforced how his “main and principal priorities remain very firmly those here in Scotland”, said: “This is an exciting role to take in addition to my responsibilities in Scotland.

“There is some excellent thinking ongoing and I see this role as a chance to ensure greater integration – making sure that great ideas and concepts are considered carefully in terms of the impact and benefit right across the sport at all levels.

“I look forward to really close working with all Home Countries and the established Strategic Advisory Committees.”