This stretch targets just about every area that gets tight after a hard session, writes Lexie Williamson

This gentle glute stretch is a variation on a lunge-hip stretch. It targets the gluteal muscles, the piriformis, ITB, adductors, hip and hamstrings – in fact, just about every area that gets tight after a hard session!

Move on to all fours and step your right foot up between your hands. Sink your hips and relax your back foot.

Slowly lower the right knee to the floor.

Shuffle your right foot slightly over to the left, making sure it is flexed to protect the knee joint.

Bend your arms a little, but stay high and watch for any discomfort or pain in the knee joint.

Hold for as long as feels comfortable, then repeat on the other side.

» Lexie Williamson is a certified yoga instructor who works with athletes. She is the author of Yoga For Runners (Bloomsbury, £16.99)