The Herculis meeting winner broke her own Scottish record and later gave reflection on the race

Eilidh Doyle won her second Diamond League race of the season on Friday evening in Monaco, with the Scot having previously won in Doha as well as being second in Birmingham in a photo finish and third in Rome.

She now leads the Diamond Race and that she also ran a PB of 54.09 in Monaco delighted her.

“Thank God,” she said after the race. “My PB is from 2013, as everyone keeps reminding me, and I have been dying for a new one.”

That said, she described her performance as a “messy race”, adding, “the fact that I can run like that and still win gives me confidence. I think I will be well under 54 seconds when I get it right. That is the plan.”

Running in lane three, Doyle initially seemed to lose ground to Wenda Nel in the lane inside her but forged ahead in the middle of the race. She seemed pleased with that assessment and said: “200-300m is what I have been working on this year and it seems to be paying off.” Her frustration with the race was that she felt she had backed off the last hurdle and lost momentum. “I can’t afford to make errors like that in Rio so I hope I can iron out a few things at the London Anniversary Games,” she added.

A good winter “being healthy and injury free, doing more track sessions, having my husband with me, not travelling back and forward to Scotland” she said had set her up well for the season. Now she runs with a new confidence. In previous years, she admitted, she would look at the Diamond League list and find herself saying, “Oh she’s in it. She is very good.” But now, she added: “I look at the start list and think I am as good as anybody. They are all excellent athletes but I see myself on a par with them now.”

She refused to be drawn on Rio, saying: “I don’t think about medals, I just think about executing my own race. If I am in the final in Rio I will be fighting for a medal.”

Compared to 2012, she feels that she is now in a much better place. “I am totally different person, a totally different athlete and in a much better position,” she said. “It is great to have an Olympics and be in great shape to compete. I am very thankful to be healthy and injury free. Running the 4x400m relay in Amsterdam showed me that my flat speed was there.”

She may not want to talk about medals but we can, and she could hardly currently be in a better place to challenge for one.