Decided to take a day off training for Christmas? Read this and you might change your mind!

This year, as we all know, Christmas falls on a Thursday. For many that may be a normal club night and an appropriate session with club-mates. Nevertheless, get planning now – you will be out running on Christmas Day morning, won’t you? If not, your rivals will, and that means advantage to them!

A steady run on the big day will not only boost your fitness, but it will also blow away the cobwebs and give you an appetite for the turkey and trimmings and if you’ve still got some room – the Christmas pudding.

“Train twice on Christmas Day! Your competitors may only train once”

By organising your week now, it might mean doing your club session on Monday and moving the Christmas Day session to Wednesday and then be back to normal for a big session on Saturday.

Being a runner is all about discipline and the more disciplined you are over the festive break the more you will benefit and have peace of mind that nobody has done more than you!

As Daley Thompson once said: “Train twice on Christmas Day! Your competitors may only train once.”

So enjoy your run(s), enjoy the day and fingers crossed you get what you asked for from Santa … athletics memorabilia, of course!

» David Lowes is Athletics Weekly’s coaching editor