Whether you run or rest this Christmas Day you’ll be in good company! Athletes have shared their festive training plans and given a range of responses

“Train twice on Christmas Day. Your competitors may only train once…” Whether you agree with Daley Thompson’s school of thought or not, you won’t be alone, as recent responses from some of Britain’s top athletes have proven.

So who will and who won’t be training this December 25th?..

British 10,000m champion and Rio Olympian Jessica Martin (née Andrews)
“No I will not be training on Christmas Day. My coach gave me the choice if I wanted to or not. The last few Christmas Days I have run, but every Sunday I take a rest day. I always look forward to it.

“I am also in England for the first time in a few years so I am going to enjoy the day off with family and friends.”


Paralympic, world and European gold medallist thrower Aled Davies
“I won’t be training on Christmas Day because I work hard enough all year round to ensure that I can enjoy the holidays.”

Olympic 5000m finalist Eilish McColgan
“I will be training this Christmas with it landing on a Sunday. I’ll get my normal long run in and then have the rest of the day to chill out and enjoy Christmas. I’ll also be in Qatar so it’ll be a little different to a typical Christmas!”

IAU 100km World Championships bronze medallist Joasia Zakrzewski
“I won’t be ‘training’ on Christmas Day as I’m making myself take a four-week break from training after the two World Championships (100km and trail), but I will be running.

“Some of the runs I’ve done on Christmas Day in the past have been fabulous, be it a parkrun with family and friends, or a longer run with no one else about.”

Olympic 200m fourth-placer Adam Gemili
“I won’t be training on Christmas Day this year. Spending time with family and relaxing is just as important as training for me. I’ll be enjoying lots of food and games with everyone instead.”

adam gemili

English discus record-holder and Rio Olympian Jade Lally
“Yes I will be training on Christmas Day. I will be going to the gym to do my normal lifting session. Luckily, there is one nearby that is open!

“It is slightly harder to do than to get my miles in if I was a runner, but I have a three-hour gap in which the gym is open, so no doubt I’ll be there for two of the available hours!”

Rio hammer Olympian Mark Dry
“I won’t be training on Christmas Day. I used to, and I don’t think it’s because I’ve got lazy, but that was always my mindset when I was a kid.

“Actually, that’s a lie, I will be training – I still can’t help myself from doing it! I’ll go out for a run or do something light but I won’t be doing a proper training session.”

World indoor long jump bronze medallist and Rio Olympian Lorraine Ugen
“I won’t be training. Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year and I don’t normally train on Sundays at this time of year so it would have been my day off regardless.”

Olympic 4x100m relay bronze medallist Asha Philip
“Yes I will be training on Christmas Day. I will be doing a personal training session for my family. I will be forcing them to do a Christmas cardio calorie burn off for the the massive dinner we would have eaten!”

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