Congratulations to the AW readers who submitted winning pictures of their new Brooks Mach 16 spikes to prove they are part of the #MachMassive!

To celebrate the release of Brooks’ Mach 16 cross country spikes we teamed up with the high-performance running brand to offer AW readers the chance to win kit support packages worth an RRP of more than £450 each!

It was as simple as taking and tweeting a picture of yourself with your new Brooks Mach 16 spikes, which are available to buy at a number of Brooks stockists as well as online at

The more Run Happy and inventive the better and a number of you impressed with your pictures proving that you are well and truly part of the #MachMassive crew.

Take a look at our favourites below and congratulations again to our winners who will each receive a bundle of Brooks kit including trainers, competition footwear, tees, tights and more.

Sounds great, you might be thinking, but why all this fuss over a pair of spikes? Because they’re not just ANY spikes, that’s why. At just 150g for the men’s model and 136g for the women’s, it’s safe to say being lightweight is the aim of the game. With great traction and asymmetrical lacing for a wrap-your-foot fit, who knows – these spikes could help you break the sound barrier on your way to the tape! The Mach 16 spikes also feature a seamless upper allowing you to run sockless and get closer to the course.

Amy Old #MachMassiveAMY OLD

Club: Invicta East Kent
Tweet: Preparing for XC with these beautys! #MachMassive competition @Brooksrunninguk @AthleticsWeekly #TrainingTuesday

“I feel ecstatic to have been picked as a winner, the prize is amazing! The kit will benefit me a lot in my training and competitions – I can definitely Run Happy now!

“I love my new Brooks Mach 16 spikes; they are so comfortable and lightweight. They fit perfectly and I absolutely love the colour and the design. I cannot wait to show them off during my cross country season this year.”

Oliver Nokes #MachMassiveOLIVER NOKES

Club: Has represented the Royal Navy
Tweet: I’m in the #MachMassive @Brooksrunninguk @AthleticsWeekly

“I am elated to have won. I thought I might feel a bit nervous in all the professional looking gear I have won with my previous times so I made sure I ran a big PB of 2:46:50 at the Berlin Marathon!

“I have had previous Mach models and these Mach 16 spikes are very light whilst also being well made. I can’t wait to get them muddy over the coming months.”

Autumn Howard #MachMassiveAUTUMN HOWARD

Club: Trawden AC
Tweet: @Brooksrunninguk Loved my first ever grass track session with spikes – so much faster in Mach 16s! #MachMassive

“I am chuffed to bits to have won! I will be training for the 2015 London Marathon all through this winter and I was in dire need of new kit. Thanks to winning this competition, despite the cold, dark, early mornings, I’ll definitely be running happy!

“I fell in love with my Mach 16 spikes as soon as I put them on – they are so nimble and feel like gloves for your feet, yet the sturdy grip of the spikes gives me the confidence to really push the speed through those boggy sections. I wore old fell/trail shoes for last season’s XC so I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do in spikes!”

Anthony Clark #MachMassiveANTHONY CLARK

Club: Poole Runners
Tweet: Brooks Mach 16 for cross country, building base for spring marathons in PureCadence @Brooksrunninguk #MachMassive

“Being a Brooks shoe fan it’s fantastic to be a winner of Brooks kit. With winter approaching and building up to the London Marathon averaging 100 miles a week I will put it to very good use over the coming months.

“The new Brooks Mach 16 spikes are excellently light and responsive, I can’t wait to put them to work for the cross country season.”

Anna Weston #MachMassiveANNA WESTON

Club: Invicta East Kent
Tweet: Ready for cross country season with these new brooks spikes! #MachMassive @Brooksrunninguk @AthleticsWeekly #training

“I am very grateful to have been picked as a winner for the #MachMassive competition. I’m looking forward to trying my new competition shoes.

“I absolutely love my new Brooks Mach 16 spikes. Everything about them is great, the pattern and colours are so cool. They are so light when running but I also feel that they are supportive at the same time. I cannot wait to start the new cross country season with them!”

Anthony Harvey #MachMassiveANTHONY HARVEY

Club: Not a member of a running club
Tweet: So excited with my new Brooks spikes to get back into running @Brooksrunninguk @AthleticsWeekly #MachMassive

“It is a thrill to be picked as a winner by Brooks as the new gear will be added motivation to achieve and maintain a level of fitness which I have missed for the best part of 10 years now!

“As for the Mach 16 spikes, the combined support and lightness they provide make running something to look forward to even more than usual.”

Alex Clay #MachMassiveALEX CLAY

Club: Invicta East Kent
Tweet: As happy as a pig in mud with my new xc spikes. #MachMassive @Brooksrunninguk @AthleticsWeekly #bringiton

“Winning has been really useful as I have just started university and my budgeting skills are not quite there yet! So getting kit ready for cross country is a great help.

“I have always raced cross country in Brooks spikes and have had the previous four Mach models. I find them really light, yet they do not compromise in support.”

William Walsh #MachMassiveWILLIAM WALSH

Club: Raheny Shamrock
Tweet: #MachMassive @Brooksrunninguk @AthleticsWeekly

“I am delighted to be picked as a winner. I am especially happy to win a new pair of Brooks ST5 Racers as they are my favourite shoe ever and are super for fast paced sessions and racing.

“I have only used my new Mach 16 spikes twice but I really like them, they are very light but also solid. They look pretty good too. Roll on the winter and the cross country season.”