The AW team has compiled a list of everything you will ever need in athletics

We are fortunate that our sport is brimming with innovation, expertise and creativity – but how to choose? That’s where Athletics Weekly comes in. The AW team has pooled decades of experience, insider knowledge and unbiased opinion to come up with the ultimate list of everything you will ever need in athletics.

Check out five of our favourite things below and then find the full list of 50 in the November 3 edition of AW magazine, which will also be available to read digitally here.

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Two tickets to men’s 100m final at the World Championships
(£45-£155 per session,


The race lasts less time than it takes you to read this entry, but it is the anticipation and the build-up which makes this the blue riband event of any major championships. Next up – London 2017.


bicarbBicarbonate of soda

Also known as plain-old baking soda, this can have a powerful effect on buffering the performance-limiting acids, such as lactic acid, that accumulate in your limbs. Rather than taking it by teaspoon from the tub, try these capsules.


Xempo Running T-shirtxempo-shirt

Designed by runners, for runners, this clothing range has all the technical qualities you’d expect from a specialist brand and products come colour-coded to show off your PB.


sub-4-stopwatchSub-4 stopwatch
(Estimated £20,000)

Last year the Swiss-made chrome stopwatch used by timekeeper WJ Burfitt sold at Sotheby’s for £20,000. So it is not cheap, but is that a surprise for one of the devices that timed the most talked about moment in athletics history – Roger Bannister’s sub-four- minute mile from 1954?



Whether used to lubricate your spikes against the risk of rusting in winter mud and rain, to prevent inner thigh chafing, as a sweat barrier on your eyebrows (try it – it works) or to ward off jogger’s nipple, it’s an indispensable item for your kit bag.


» See the November 3 edition of AW magazine, which will be available to read digitally here, for the full list of AW’s 50 greatest things in athletics and then tell us yours