Live footage from the worldwide run where participants start together and race until caught by the finish line ‘catcher car’

Taking place in numerous locations and via the app across the world, the Wings for Life World Run sees runners of all levels battle to stay in front of ‘catcher cars’ which start half an hour behind them and progress at a steadily increasing speed.

The race begins at 11:00 UTC but the pace of the catcher car will be different this year. As with previous events, the car – whether real or the virtual version on the Wings for Life World Run App – will accelerate incrementally as the run goes on. However, with an aim of making the simultaneous global run even more exciting, the pace of the moving finish line will increase more significantly, particularly in the critical later stages of the race.

This should see the last participants caught at around 65 to 70 kilometres (40 to 44 miles), creating a shorter race that provides an even more riveting finish.

Two-time world 110m hurdles gold medallist Colin Jackson, who is the international sports director for the Wings for Life World Run, said: “This change gives ultra runners and ambitious marathon runners a prime opportunity to challenge each other, something that’s unique to the Wings for Life World Run.

“I can think of no other event that sets up quite the same playing field. It’s going to be good fun for the athletes, and I personally can hardly wait to watch.”

Watch live on the stream below.

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