The latest winner in our Brooks competition series, Kate Wright shares her Run Happy story

I run to get that buzz, that tingle in tired muscles when it’s done, that glowing warmth that I don’t ever feel normally because I’m always cold.

Angled Polaroid Wright copyThe friendship that exists among fellow runners and the camaraderie makes my day. I’m now an old runner – a SUPER VET. Not sure I like that but I can still run pretty fast. Maybe that’s why I am called SUPER!

I recently ran the Barcelona Marathon with the aim of getting a sub-3 hour finish. The elusive sub-3 that I’ve been trying to find for many, many marathons.

My trip to Barcelona was fabulous. The race started to music and off I went, glued to the sub-3 pacer. Feeling good I found myself at 30km, whatever that is – I only do miles. Spanish men were talking to me as I trotted past them, hopefully they were giving me words of encouragement (I don’t speak Spanish). I could only smile at them and hope that was ok.

Angled Polaroid 2 WrightSuddenly my stomach churned and the nausea started. I thought “is this the end of my sub-3?” as my pacer gradually became a spot in the distance. Some lovely Spanish women offered me her bottle of water, poured some over my head to cool me and gave me words of encouragement.

Off I ran with renewed enthusiasm. The cheering lifted my spirits and the word “bravo” echoed through my head. Without these people I would never have made my new PB of 3:02. My next one will be sub-3!


Brooks believes in the transformative power of the run. The run can turn a day – or a life – completely around and can flat-out change the world.

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» Featured image credit: Running Crazy Ltd