Usain Bolt’s first job on arriving in Scotland was to face some of the world’s media and here’s what he had to say

Ever wondered what Usain Bolt’s views are on the Scottish independence referendum or the current conflict in Gaza?

Well questions on both of those topics were among some of the weird and wonderful things asked by the world’s media at a Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games press conference with the world’s fastest man on Saturday afternoon.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist, who forms part of the Jamaica squad for the 4x100m relay in Glasgow, understandably chose to dodge certain questions, admitting he didn’t know anything about the referendum. When asked about the Israel-Gaza conflict, he said: “I hear about it but I don’t really follow these things.”

But here’s what he had to say when responding to more on-topic questions such as why he wanted to compete in Glasgow and – given the fact that a number of high-profile athletes have withdrawn – will he really run?!

Bolt on how important it is to him to compete at Glasgow 2014:

“For me it was very important. I expressed it to my coach early in the season. Because of injury I didn’t get to run in an individual event but I’m happy just to be here.”

On whether he’ll be running the relay heats on Friday evening:

“Yes I’ll be running the heats. I think I need the runs really because this is my first run for the season.”

On whether he’ll really run in Glasgow:

“That’s a very weird question! Yes I’m here to run, I don’t see why else I’d travel all this way to Glasgow. I’ll be running, definitely.”


On his fitness and injury:

“The injury is completely gone. Fitness wise I’ve been really pushing myself and I think I’m in pretty good shape. I’m not yet in running shape so hence why I’m running the relay heats just to get a few runs in. I’m just taking my time, not pushing myself too much to then get injured again.

“Rio is two years away. I have to go to the World Championships first, so I’ll take my time and work my way to the World Championships then I’ll work my way to Rio.”

On how fast he thinks the Jamaica sprint relay team can go in Glasgow:

“I don’t even know the team so I can’t say what’s what. For me I don’t know what running shape I’m in. I know I’m good shape running wise but actually competing is always different. It’s always good to get races in and this will be my first one for the season. We’ll see what happens.”

On high-profile withdrawals:

“I don’t think anybody dropped out on purpose, it’s just all about injuries. It happens in the Olympic Games also and the World Championships sometimes. Things just go wrong at the last moment.

“I think the athletes here are top tier and they will work hard to perform at the top of their game. The Games will go on and they will be good, I’m sure of that.”

On whether he still has ambitions to play for Manchester United Football Club:

“Yes definitely. After I retire I definitely want to try to play for Manchester United. It’s a big dream.”

On his men’s 100m predictions:

“I don’t know. I like to watch the rounds, it really helps you to put in perspective who is in good shape and who is ready. So for me, I can’t call it. We’ll see what happens.”