It’s week 10 of former GB international Colin McCourt’s blog series and he provides an update on his training towards a sub-16:00 5km and lets us in on a secret

Hello everyone, we are at week 10! This week has been full of sleepless nights as our little boy, Finn, has decided that sleeping through the night isn’t for him, so me and my partner, Rebecca, are living off three hours of sleep a night.

I thought it would affect my running more than it has but I have got away with it… so far! Don’t get me wrong, it’s very tough!

I have started to add more to my training. As I said last week, I am doing tempos on Mondays and sessions on Thursdays.

Maximising my recovery time and the amount of steady quality running I can get in is the goal. As I have had five years off I need to make sure I steady run as much as possible then start building around that slowly. I used to do three sessions a week – one track, one road or grass then a tempo or sometimes another track session depending on the time of year. When I think back it was way too much at times. I see now why sometimes I couldn’t get through a track season without blowing up and fading out, I was very inconsistent at times.

I am trying a build a programme that’s fun but pushes my limits at the same time. My week looks like this:

Monday – Tempo
Tuesday – 45-50 mins run
Wednesday – 45-50 mins run
Thursday – Session (grass or track)
Friday – 45-50 mins run
Saturday – Rest day
Sunday – 65 mins run

I’ll repeat this for four weeks and then change it up again. I like doing the same thing over and over, I am a bit weird that way. I like doing similar things to show progression over the weeks, there is method in my madness.

Next month I will get rid of the Saturday rest day and move to a rolling 10-day plan and rest on the 11th day. I’ll start changing up the steady running to lengthen some of the runs out to an hour and the long run up to 1 hour 30 to 1 hour 45 with the goal of a 2-hour run.

I want to see how I can increase the milage while still being relaxed and enjoying it, being able to recover at the same time.

Time to let you guys in on a secret… I’ve had a pizza! OK, I know that’s a lot to take in, but it was a veggie pizza so doesn’t count, right? We’ll keep that between us..!

Have a great week everyone, check out my twitter @ColinMcCourt or Instagram @ColinMcCourt if you have any questions or want to have a chat!

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