Former GB international Colin McCourt takes a look back at his journey so far as he works towards a sub-16:00 5km to avoid getting 17 tattoos

I am going to use this week’s blog post to look back. I know I am all about moving forward, I have come so far in a relatively short time. But I work full time Monday to Friday, I somehow manage to do 60-mile weeks and have a healthy-ish work life balance. Every minute I am not running or working I am spending it with my family.

Let’s talk about this week. I started the week off with a big 10 miles back from Glasgow. Honestly, this route is one of the hardest runs I have ever done. It’s 10 miles of road, up and down hill, in a straight line. There are also about 20 pubs along this route and at each one someone shouts ‘run, Forrest!’ or something to that effect.

Also, the cyclists that ride on the pavement – why do they ride at you? They could move over or even actually ride on the road, but instead they would prefer for you to run in the road? Sorry, little rant over.

Last Tuesday I hit the treadmill as my legs were sore from the 10 miles on Monday. I did 45 minutes, nice and relaxed. Now, as I have got fitter, I have been able to adapt how fast I can run on the treadmill while staying relaxed. This seemingly annoys other gym goers where in the last week I have been raced twice by two different people.

They get on the treadmill next to you, start their run then look over and want to match your speed and then get annoyed when it’s hard for them. So they get off, not happy and go pump some weight to make themselves feel better, I find it funny!

Then there was Thursday track day. The session last week was a 1 mile tempo then 10x200m, x2, off 30 seconds and 3 mins between sets. I ran the mile in 5:05 minutes and the first set of 200s in 33.34. The second set I ran in 31.32 and finished in at 27 seconds. Now, I love 200s, I would do them all the time if could. Off a short recovery you get into a rhythm and it’s quite relaxing, well I think it is!

I hate long recovery sessions. I like the action of getting back at it, like 12x300m, off 45 seconds, 100m jog. It’s up there as one of my favourite sessions ever.

So, what I learnt this week – I can still kind of sprint and I use the words ‘kind of’ lightly.

Being back running makes me happy, I wish I had known this when I wasn’t so happy. I think back now and I realise I needed to go running to clear my mind, relax and let go.

Getting into a high-pressure banking world is tough. Running gives me clarity!

So what now? It’s time to run this sub-16 minute 5km, I think, then get a new plan and keep moving forward…

Have a great week guys!

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