Former GB international Colin McCourt is getting closer to his target of a sub-16:00 5km and here he shares his improvements

Welcome to week 12! So I have got to week 12 and a lot has happened in this time. I have gone from 10 minute-plus milling in February to now being able to run 10 miles at 6:20.

It’s amazing the speed I have come on, to be honest. I feel stronger every week and I push harder everyday.

I have now started running home from work in Glasgow to where we live in Hamilton. It’s a tough 11 miles, all road and it’s SO hilly – there isn’t any flat in the whole run. You are either running up or down!

I would love to spend a few miles on a nice off-road path or a nice grass trail but you have to work with what you have got, so what I have been doing is mixing long 11-mile runs with steady controlled treadmill running.

For example, if one day I run home then the next day I will get on the treadmill and relax. I am doing this to keep the miles up without overloading my legs as all that road running will catch up with me.

I have been loving running home as it’s actually quicker to run home for me than it is to get the train and go the gym. I normally get home about 7pm if I get the train, however if I run home I get home at 6.30pm which gives me some more family time which is awesome.

This week I did the final track session in my four weeks of doing the same session before changing it up. The session was 1 x mile then 3 mins recovery, then 8 x 400m and 1 min recovery.

I started this in week one with 5:20 miles then 71/72 seconds for all the 400m. In the final week I ran a 5 minute mile then 67/68 seconds for the 400m and finished with 60 seconds for the last one. This is where I can see that I am coming on each week.

This session has got easier as the weeks have gone on which is great and I am both surprised and pleased with this. The first week I loved it, but I struggled a little the final week. I was in control and that shows by being able to run 60 seconds for the last 400m, not quite what I used to do but it’s close.

I will now change up the Thursday session. I think it will be hills more than likely and I need to keep up my tempo sessions.

Everything is moving forward and I can’t wait to see what the next 100 days have in store for me. Also, I need to run a 5km soon to see how far I have actually come, don’t I?!

Keep believing and pushing forward guys! You can do anything!

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